Uniform Shop

The school has an official uniform. We have a new online ordering process...

We are pleased to announce that the new Spartan Online Retail Shop for Sandringham Primary School uniforms is now up and running.


The direct link to the Sandringham Primary webpage is:




There will also be manual order forms available for those parents who would prefer not to order uniform items online.  Manual order forms will be kept at the Sandringham Primary School office.


As advised previously, parents will have the option of having their uniform orders delivered to school for free (deliveries once a week) or to pay an additional delivery fee of $7.95 to have their uniform orders delivered directly to their home.


There will be a full size kit available at school so that students can try on uniform items prior to ordering.  We are just finalising where this will be located & will advise the school community once it has been set up.


Couple of other items FYI:

Summer checked dresses have been taken off the Spartan website for the time being as they won't have stock for another 8 to 10 weeks - we will put them back up once the stock is available.

The sports tops aren't on the website just yet. Spartan have the stock & are in the process of getting them printed. They will be loaded onto the website once the stock is ready for sale.