Canteen Menu

Our Fresh Canteen by Operator Caitlin Ingram is Open!

If you haven’t ordered before, here’s a quick rundown of how the canteen works:


Opening hours

Monday to Friday during term from 8.30am until 2.30pm.

Counter sales for snacks and drinks available before school, at recess and lunch time.


What can you order?

Fruit snack, recess, lunch, hot and cold drinks.


How do I order?

There are two ways to order.  The easiest way is via the QKR! app.  Our menu is available on this app and you simply select the day you want to order for, your child’s name, the items to order, and pay online.  QKR! order cut off is 9am each morning.

The second way is the “traditional way”, where you write your order on a paper bag and enclose money (change is available).  Orders placed this way need to be placed into the lunch order basket in each classroom at the start of the day.


At School

Your child will be able to come to the canteen at 10am if they have a fruit snack ordered or 11am if they have ordered recess. If they forget to pick up their order it will automatically be sent to the classroom with the lunch order.

If you order a frozen item or a slurpee or a hot drink they will receive a stamp on their lunch order bag and they can come to the canteen and present their bag in exchange for the ordered item.


Please find attached the menu for 2024: Canteen Menu 2024 flyer

In addition, Sandringham Primary School now offers a special
“Excursion Day” menu, featuring snack, roll and drink
items especially selected to travel well with students on the occasion where a school excursion is scheduled.  Details on these items and how to order is in the attached flyer:

Canteen Excursion Menu May 2022