S.A.L.T.: Our Year 6 Leadership Model

Sandringham Primary School has implemented a student leadership model beyond the traditional house and specialist captains, to promote student voice.  This program is known as SALT, which stands for Student Action Leadership Teams.

The leadership model supports the school’s view that it is important for the students to have authentic involvement in student leadership, to feel they can contribute to day to day school life and be active participants in the school community.

Through interviews with students and unpacking the Student Attitude to School survey, we identified where there was a need for students to give their opinions or information which can drive decision making. Their responses indicated it was time to change the traditional model away from the popularity model so it becomes more inclusive of all students.

Every Year 6 student at Sandringham Primary School is part of a team and contributes as a SALT member.

The teams are: Wellbeing & Sport, Visual Arts, Community & Connections, Environment & Sustainability and Performing Arts.