Sandringham Primary School is an eSmart school community.

We take a proactive stance on Cybersafety that is guided by our school values – Responsibility, Respect, Relationships, Resilience and Resourcefulness. We embrace Information and Communication Learning Technologies as vital tools that students will continue to use in the classroom, and at home to further their learning.

We understand that with new technology comes a new level of responsibility for students, teachers, and parents. Both students and parents have their own separate Cybersafety agreements to ensure we all work together to support our students to be safe online within and beyond the school. We also regularly provide our community with up-to-date information on the latest Cybersafety information, resources and strategies as part of our Safely ConnectED initiative.

Students are also involved in explicit learning opportunities as well as an ongoing common language that promotes Cybersafety awareness across all areas of the curriculum.

Ensure you also visit the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner website. This is a vital space to support all members of our school community. It contains important information about reporting cyberbullying as well as handy tips, and information that is suitable for all age groups.

If you need information regarding making a cyberbullying report or to report offensive or illegal content, select the ‘Help’ button below.


Cybersafety Help

Other great sites to visit include:

The Australian Communication and Media Authority. Here you can find a range of information and research on media and communication.

Another extremely helpful site for parents is Common Sense Media. This site provides reviews and guides on the latest media and technology.




Resources and support information are also found on the NetSmartz site. Although this is not an Australian site, it is highly informative.