Communicating with Families

Using Sentral and QKR! at Sandy Primary

At Sandringham Primary School, we know that communication with parents, along with making fundamental administrative tasks as streamlined as possible, is very important for our families.

We are always looking for the best way to structure our school’s various interactions with parents/carers, and base these decisions around parent feedback, Department of Education and Training guidelines and the functionality of platforms available.

We utilise two platforms to manage the various types of communication and administration within our school operations.



Sentral is our channel for communicating messages and updates to our parents and carers.  This includes vital information such as early dismissals or changes to school operations, details of fundraising initiatives and reminders about school events.  You’ll find our School Newsletter published as a digital link via Sentral every Tuesday.

We also use Sentral for school administration tasks such as marking student attendance, school reports and permission forms for excursions.

If your child is going to be away, use Sentral to mark your child as absent.  Your child’s school report will be available on Sentral and you will receive messages on Sentral asking you to sign digital permission forms for excursions and the like.

We are also using Sentral for our school calendar.  Teachers and administration staff will upload events to the Sentral calendar so all key dates are available in one place.



QKR! is the app we use to facilitate parent payments.  Canteen orders, excursions, stalls, school charges and other incidentals that arise throughout the year can be paid for via QKR!.


You will receive detailed information about how to use these platforms upon enrolment at Sandringham Primary School.