Student Well-being

Sandringham Primary School has transitioned from a KidsMatter accredited school to Be You, to establish a whole learning community approach to mental health and wellbeing.

KidsMatter was an Australian mental health and wellbeing initiative set in primary schools. The initiative was developed as a response to the high rates of school-age children with mental health challenges.

Be You brings together and builds on five evidence-based but disconnected programs – KidsMatter Early Learning, KidsMatter Primary, MindMatters, ResponseAbility and headspace School Support. But for the first time Australia will have a single, integrated initiative that encompasses a child’s entire education, including the important transition points.

For parents and carers, the following websites contain information on a wide variety of topics to promote good mental health and wellbeing.


Student Wellbeing During COVID-19

As our society faces unprecedented challenges, it is important to consider the impact of these times on children.

There are many resources available to support families.

The Victorian Government has provided this helpful guide:


The Brave programme, which is supported by Beyond Blue, has some excellent information for families: