Performing Arts

With Sally Di Salvo

The Performing Arts program enables students to learn ways of experiencing, developing, representing and understanding ideas, emotions, values and cultural beliefs. Students learn to take risks, be imaginative, explore alternative solutions, share opinions and develop, practise and refine techniques and reflect on their own and others’ work.

Students will participate in a varied Music, Dance and Drama program each semester developing their knowledge of the Performing Arts.

Each semester is divided into timetabled blocks of Music/Dance/Drama and students participate in small group and whole class activities and tasks which are aligned to the VELS framework of creating and making and exploring and responding.

All students at SPS will be given the opportunity to perform in the whole school concert at Hamer Hall, which usually takes place every two years.  In 2019 our School Concert was Cirque De Sandy, in which students performed circus skills they had learnt through months of workshops with Circus Crew.

Students may also participate in lunchtime Performing Arts clubs throughout the year, for example Sandy’s Got Talent for grades 3-6 and Dance Club for grades 1 and 2. Students will be given the opportunity to perform at assemblies in their year levels and in smaller groups, showcasing their skills and learning in the Performing Arts.

Each semester Performing Arts Workshops will be organised to showcase professional performers in Music, Dance and Drama for the whole school and for year levels where there is a particular focus eg Mime/Bollywood Dance/Improvisation/Percussion/Cultural Infusion/Nexus Arts/Little Devils (Circus skills).