All classes come to the Library on a weekly basis to borrow and return books and to experience the excitement of literature and research. Prep to Year 2 are able to borrow two books, Years 3-5 three books and year 6 four books, for a two week period.
I am usually available at these times to help the students with their choice of reading material. Students are able to borrow at lunchtimes and after school most days.

The Library is open at least three lunchtimes a week from 2.05 – 2.35 and the students are able to read, sit quietly with friends, play games and use the computers on their rostered day.

We are developing a Parent Reference section in the Library with books on helping your child to read, behaviour management, puberty, developing self esteem etc. Please ask if you would like to borrow anything from the Library.

On Special Person’s Day we have books that can be purchased and donated to the Library. Children’s Book Week is celebrated in August with a range of activities and we have an annual Book Fair in October.

The Library Resource Centre is generally a hive of activity, please feel free to visit.