Upstanders “Spread the Word” Project

Well done to our 2023 Year 5 Upstanders for their work last year on the “Spread the Word” project.

This was a collaborative project between renowned local artist Noni Drew and a network of five Bayside schools who are part of ‘The Upstanders’ community.

Noni led workshops with our Year 5 Upstanders group and 100 other Year 5 students. They each created graphic slogans encouraging values such as kindness, integrity, respect and fairness.

The project culminated in a street exhibition across the Bayside municipality from 5 February until 18 March 2024, with the designs installed in each of the major shopping precincts including Martin Street, Church Street, and Bay Street in Brighton, Sandringham Village, Hampton Street, Beaumaris Concourse, and Black Rock Village.

If you would like to find out more, visit where you will find all 105 works featured in a gallery.