Achievement Timeline for Bamfield St Rebuild and Recovery

In addition to creating our Sandy Primary Village, there has also been much effort and progress at our Bamfield Street school home, which we will return to at the start of 2022.  Timelines to meet this date have been developed and we are pleased to share them here.

SPS Rebuild Graphic Timeline June 2020

The VSBA has also provided the following overview of the exciting plans for our school:


The Victorian Government is committed to rebuilding Sandringham Primary School after a fire caused significant damage to the Bamfield Street site in February 2020.

The Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) has engaged with students, parents, staff and community members, and their feedback has helped shape the rebuild designs. We will create modern learning environments for students, and maximise outdoor and available spaces, while respecting the school’s heritage.

Students and teachers will benefit from new permanent state-of-the-art facilities, including modern indoor and outdoor learning areas, a library, art workshop and staff facilities. The rebuild will also include work to outdoor play and sporting spaces that were damaged by the fire.

Designing and building a school usually takes two to three years, but we are working to speed up this process. We are on track to complete the rebuild by term one, 2022.

Following initial community consultation in early 2020 a ‘What we heard’ report, detailing community engagement findings, will be published on the VSBA website.

The school will keep the community (staff, students, parents and carers) up to date through its newsletter and website as the project progresses and will also be invited to attend engagement events as the rebuild continues. We will provide additional information on the rebuild at the VSBA website and Facebook page.


We continue to achieve so much as a united school community.  Thank you for your ongoing support.