Transition Activity for our Prep 2021 Families

A Bubbly Message for our Prep 2021 Families from our Prep Teacher Miss Greenberg!


Hello Future Sandy Primary Preps and Families – Miss Greenberg here.

Today I am taking you through the steps to make your own bubble mixture!

For this session, you will need:

½ cup Morning Fresh Dishwashing Detergent

½ cup of castor sugar

4 cups of warm water


Measuring cups


Pipe cleaner (for the wand)

Here’s a video to watch, with a story all about bubbles and an explanation of how to make your own:


Note: Once you have made the mixture, letting it sit overnight in an airtight container to further combine leads to better bubbles the following day!

I hope you have as much fun making your bubbles as I did! Once you have made your mixture, you might like to have a think about these questions:

-Do the bubbles form better if you blow hard or soft?

-How many bubbles can you blow out of the bubble wand in one go?

-Can you make a REALLY BIG bubble?

-Can you make a really small bubble?

-If you could travel anywhere in a bubble, where would you go?!

Happy bubble making everyone! Looking forward to hearing all about how it went soon.

Miss Greenberg