Dear Parent/Carer/Guardian,

We simply can’t wait to return home to Bamfield Street next year and to a highly positive year of teaching and learning. In preparation, we write to advise of Sandringham Primary School’s financial contributions for 2022.

Schools provide students with free instruction to fulfil the standard Victorian curriculum and we want to assure you that all contributions are voluntary.

Sandringham Primary School has an outstanding reputation as one of the best primary schools in Bayside. This is due to the dedication and professionalism of our staff, the cohesion of our parents, carers and community and the provision of first-rate educational programs above and beyond that of many other schools.

These programs are so beneficial to our students and are only available because of your voluntary contributions. Whilst government funding covers fulfilment of the standard curriculum, your voluntary contributions enable the many programs that make a stand-out experience for all our students. Just a few of these programs include:

• Purchase learning centre resources, literacy, mathematics, and science resources to support student learning
• Trained nurses to provide first aid care to your children
• The inclusion of a comprehensive Kitchen Garden program
• Purchase resources to enrich student learning in visual arts, digital technology, performing arts, physical education, sport and Mandarin programs
• Maintain the upkeep of the oval, grounds and play equipment
• A wellbeing network through our relationship with The Resilience Project and Upstanders.

Quite simply, without your voluntary contributions, these programs are not possible. However, it is important to note, no student will be precluded from receiving or participating in these programs if you choose or are unable to contribute.

Your School Council has approved the attached financial contributions for 2022. For planning purposes could you please make your contributions by Friday 10th December 2021. Our preferred payment method is using the QKR! App, otherwise, you can pay at the office with EFT facilities. If you would prefer to pay by instalments, please contact the office to make arrangements.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support to make Sandringham Primary School an enriching place where children can enjoy an exceptional primary education experience.

For further information on the Department’s Parent Payments Policy please see a one-page overview attached.

Yours sincerely,
Louise Neave, Principal                                Adam McConnell, School Council President


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