Physical Education


Prep students are given the opportunity to learn the essential motor skills in more whole class activities. These movement activities are aimed to develop fitness, balance, eye hand co-ordination, eye foot co-ordination, space awareness, body control, rhythm and directionality.

Years 1-3

The year one and two students will be participating in 3 units of work – Football, Soccer and Basketball. For the duration of each unit students will be building on their existing fundamental motor skills and new skills will also be introduced. These skills are run, dodge, catch, punt, leap, vertical jump, mark and dribble. Students should have mastered the catch, run and vertical jump. Students should be close to mastering dribble by end of year 2.

Year 4-6

The year 4-6 physical education units will be Athletics track and field and basketball. The fundamental motor skills the students will be introduced to, developing and mastering at different stages will be catch, higher level of technical running, leap, vertical jump, and dribble. The students should be familiar with game situations and are developing the ability to perform skills under pressure.