Physical Education

Physical Education

Participation in Physical Education is an important part of the education journey for students at Sandringham Primary. The Physical Education program places a strong emphasis on developing fundamental motor skills, strategies in game situations as well as physical fitness.

Prep students participate in activities that improve their essential motor skills. These activities are aimed at developing fitness, balance, hand eye co-ordination, spatial awareness and body control. The Prep students also undertake a PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) program. This is where students develop fine and gross motor skills through mini games and activities.

The students in Years 1 and 2 build on their existing fundamental motor skills. They learn new skills that they practise when participating in minor games.

In Years 3 to 6 the students work on mastering fundamental motor skills. They focus on developing game sense and learn strategies that will enhance their skills, when playing a variety of sports. They develop their ability to perform skills under pressure.



Students from Years 4 to 6 compete in school Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals, where they have the opportunity to represent the school and compete against other schools at the District, Division, Regional and State levels.

Year 5/6 students participate in Interschool Sport during Term 1 and 2 competing against schools in our district area. They have a choice of participating in one of six different sports each term. Weekly training sessions take place to hone skills and practise strategies used in game situations.

Each year the Year 6 students participate in a Hooptime Basketball competition.

Fitness sessions take place before school on specified days, focusing on improving fitness while incorporating different sports into the sessions.