Chess Coaching

Chess Coaching is available at Sandringham Primary School.

Chess Masters at Chess Australia Pty. Ltd. have been coaching students at chess lessons around Australia, including a successful program at Sandringham Primary School.  The feedback from students, teachers and parents has been fantastic.

Chess Club operates under the supervision of the International Master and FIDE (International Chess Federation) accredited and registered trainer Leonid Sandler, who was also the captain of the Australian Women’s Chess Olympic Team.  For more information on Leonid Sandler, visit the website

Here’s some information from Leonid…Chess is a mind game that stimulates the brain development.  The question that every parent will ask is: What can chess do for my child?

Our role as educators is to prepare students with skills for life.  In order for our students to become independent thinkers and self-starters, they must be equipped with the ability to analyse and reason, be quick problem solvers, strategists and good planners.

The following skills will become part of the students’ way of thinking: Problem Solving, Abstract Analysis, Spatial Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning, Logical and Critical Thinking, Intellectual Maturity, Originality, Cognitive Skill Enhancement, Concentration, Increased Memory Capacity, Organisational Skills, Decision making under pressure and much more.

Chess classes in Term 4, 2023

Commencing     Wednesday 4 October

Last Lesson       Wednesday 13 December

Times:   1.00pm -1-50pm

Cost:      $180

Enrolment form and more information: 2023 Sandy PS school coaching T4

Please apply before 4 October, payments before 11 October.

Please contact Leonid Sandler at 0412 201 891 or for more information.