Spring in the Kitchen Garden

Sandringham Primary School’s Kitchen Garden is a thriving learning space, where concepts such as gardening, composting, planting, weeding, harvesting and identifying plants are shared with students of all ages throughout the school.

As a “Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden” school, we are also proud to offer Kitchen Garden Cooking as part of our learning in Year 3 and Year 4.

Spring is a special time in the Kitchen Garden.  We have some beautiful Dutch Irises in bloom amongst the Asian lettuce, coriander, snow peas, carrots, calendulas and rainbow chard.

Much of this produce will be used to make Vietnamese rice paper rolls and Asian dipping sauce in Year 3 cooking classes later this week . Year 4 classes are next week – a fun and productive way to end the term!

Sandringham Primary School is fortunate to have Mrs Laura Myers as our Kitchen Garden Specialist.

The Sandringham Community Bank (Bendigo Bank) is a generous sponsor of the Kitchen Garden at Sandringham Primary School, for which the school community is greatly appreciative.