Kitchen Garden Update

A successful Kitchen Garden program relies on many helping hands. This week was a great example of this; a large group of students from across many year levels enjoyed helping to weed and trim plants in the KG during their lunchtime. Each took home a punnet of fresh parsley, oak leaf lettuce, a chilli and rainbow chard in exchange for helping out. Two families kindly donated some very useful items: thank you to Michelle Tinsley for donating three new galvanised watering cans and Louise Khanbashi for a bundle of bamboo cane cuttings that James Hickey helped me trim to use as trellis for the sweet peas and snow peas. Upcycling eco style at its best!

A couple of families mow the orchard grass too which is a huge help and very much appreciated!
Please keep the Kitchen Garden on your radar if you find you have garden related items you may no longer need. Punnets are always useful for students bringing home produce; these can be dropped into the office.
Next KG lessons the Years 3 and 4 students will be making mini hot houses for tomato seedlings. Any PET bottles you may have at home would be useful and a great way to upcycle before it gets recycled.

Happy gardening at your place,

Laura Myers – Kitchen Garden Specialist